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OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center
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We are honored that you are choosing OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center to share in this important and special time in your life.

Our top priority at the OSF Family Birthing Center is the health and safety of you and your baby.

Whether this is your first child or another addition to your family, birth is an event that you and your family will cherish forever and how you experience it is as important to us as it is to you.

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Birthing Tour VideoFamily Birthing Center TourWhether you're expecting your first baby, or you're an experienced parent, bringing a new life into the world is an exciting and special time.

See what a great experience our beautiful Family Birthing Center can offer!

We invite you to take a video tour, or come visit us in-person bysubmitting a request using the form below.

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Experienced Care

When it's time to deliver, our highly trained staff of physicians, nurses and care professionals will provide you with the exceptional quality care you deserve

  • Blue Distinction Center

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois has recognized OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center with theBlue Distinction® Center for Maternity Care designation.Blue Distinction Centers are nationally designated hospitals that show expertise in delivering improved patient safety and better health outcomes, based on objective measures developed with input from the medical community.

  • Leapfrog

  • Leapfrog Group's standards for maternity care on evidenced-based, nationally standardized metrics:

    • Lower rates of early elective delivery, NTSV c-section & episiotomy
    • Compliance with NB bilirubin screening prior to discharge, blood clot prevention techniques for mothers delivering via C/S

    Leapfrogis a national nonprofit organization driving a movement forward in the quality and safety of American health care. "Having a baby is one of life's most exciting experiences, and with nine months to plan, families can take the time they need to choose the best hospital for delivery," according to Leapfrog. "It's important to pay attention to a hospital's rate of c-sections, early elective deliveries and episiotomies."

    We are confident that you will love your experience at OSF Saint Elizabeth because our care exceeds the target goal in every maternity care category measured by the Leapfrog Hospital Survey: achieving low rates of C-section, episiotomies performed, early elective deliveries, and following crucial protocols to protect mothers and babies.

Our Family Birthing Center

We love caring for moms, babies and families. We are organized to best meet the many needs and stages throughout the journey of your pregnancy, delivery, recovery and caring for your newborn.

There are many benefits to choosing OSF Saint Elizabeth:

  • Care and Amenities
    • New Mom Virtual Education:Before you give birth, we invite you to check out ourwide variety of online classes.Topics include: nutrition, stretching exercises, how to use a birthing ball, breastfeeding, car seat safety, postpartum depression and more.
    • Labor/delivery/recovery suites (LDR): Our LDR suites provide a comfortable and private environment. The suites include: Advanced medical technology, including a central & portable fetal monitoring system and a portable ultrasound at the bedside.Whirlpool tubs or showers with seats and pull-down massaging showerheads.Comfortable sleep chairs for your support person.
    • We offer vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) delivery services.
    • C-section OR suite & private recovery room:A fully-equipped C-section OR surgical suite and private recovery room are available on our unit in the case of a cesarean birth.
    • Postpartum care:Our comfortable postpartum rooms have TVs, telephones, comfortable recliners, Wi-Fi and MyChart Bedside tablets. A convenient on call dining room service is available. You are treated to a free cake to celebrate your new bundle of joy.
    • Parent-infant bonding:我们鼓励你花尽可能多的时间和你的baby as you desire. We encourage mother/baby care which allows babies to stay with moms during the stay. Your support person may visit anytime and stay overnight.
    • Pasteurized donor breast milk use:At OSF Saint Elizabeth, we believe that all infants should have access to human milk through support of breasfeeding and using pasteurized donor human milk. We can offer pasteurized human donor milk through The Mothers Milk Bank of Western Great Lakes to newborns born within our facility.
    • Postpartum support:交付后,你的护士会教你w to care for your baby and our nursing staff has been trained to support your breastfeeding needs.
    • Safety and security:An electronic security system ensures that all new babies are safe during their hospital stay. Our electronic infant security system uses the latest technology. Our unit is locked and visitors are required to identify themselves for permission to enter and exit the unit.
  • Level II Care Nursery

  • If your baby needs more intensive care, we're ready with Level II Care Nursery services, where infants are cared for by specially trained nurses who closely monitor and observe them 24/7.

    If complications arise during your pregnancy or delivery, we have the capabilities to care for high-risk pregnancies and babies, including low-weight and premature births 32 weeks and above.

    We continually invest in equipment that enhances the staff's ability to care for babies who need advanced care, including:

    • Tele-health:Neonatology consultation services in collaboration withOSF Children's Hospital of Illinois.
    • GE Panda baby warmers:与盖了n resuscitation capabilities for high-risk babies as well as the ability to monitor the baby's oxygen levels and heart rate without additional equipment.
    • Neo-blue phototherapy:We have phototherapy equipment in the case that your baby is jaundiced, allowing your infant to stay in the room with you while receiving treatment.
  • Breastfeeding Experts

  • We have two certified lactation counselors and all staff members are First Latch trained. They are here to support and empower a mom's choice.

    The personalized care – from early education, online breastfeeding classes and in-person assistance – is the best in town.

    CallKelly Hert, RN, BSN,our lactation consultant (815) 431-5285 for lactation information.

  • Breast Milk Donation Site

  • Are you a mom interested in donating your extra breast milk?

    We are pleased to partner with the moms in our community andMother's Milk Bankto help more babies receive the health benefits and often life-saving nutrients of breast milk.

  • Breast Pumps

  • Should your situation require the use of an electric breast pump our nurses are able to check that one can be covered under your insurance plan or you can use one of our hospital grade pumps while you stay with us.

Nurse Navigator

Questions about COVID-19 and pregnancy?

Our freeOB Nurse Navigator Programhelps expectant moms feel confident and comfortable before the big day arrives.

Our navigators deliver a unique level of care and attention beginning around 20 weeks of pregnancy -- or at whatever point you need the support -- to well after you've gone home.

They are your personal guide to pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care. For your convenience, you can meet with a nurse navigator atOSF Saint Elizabethor atOSF Saint James.

Sign up for a Nurse Navigator

Office Appointments with a Breastfeeding Consultant

For those moms needing more personalized attention, individual office visits can be scheduled withJennifer Kelsey, APRN,a breastfeeding consultant.

Which type of visit would best meet your needs?

  • Feeding Evaluation

  • These visits are for both mom and baby and usually occur before baby is a week old. Appointments last approximately one hour. During this evaluation you should bring any breastfeeding aids you are currently using.

    You will be encouraged to feed the baby in our private office setting, and our lactation consultants will help you find a solution to your breastfeeding difficulty and develop a feeding plan. Breastfeeding problems are not uncommon and with the right resources can be easily corrected.

  • Mom only visit

  • These visits are much shorter and provide a personalized approach to answering your breastfeeding questions. A breast exam may also take place.

  • Pregnant mom visit

  • Pregnant moms are encouraged to schedule a 30-minute visit with our breastfeeding consultants during your last trimester of pregnancy. They will answer any breastfeeding questions you have prior to the baby's arrival. Once your baby is born, our breastfeeding consultants will continue to be a source of support for your breastfeeding questions for months to come.

Incontinence issues

If you experience light leakage and urgency, you don’t have to let it interrupt your life.

OSF Medical Group - Obstetrics & Gynecologyoffers UroDynamic testing, an easy and pain-free series of in-clinic tests to determine bladder and urethra function in women experiencing incontinence. With the latest technology and years of experience under their belts, our experts offer personalized solutions. The care you need and want is all right here near home.

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